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中海观园 / Top View
+ Location
Located at the crossing of Jing Sui Rd and Hai Ye Rd,Zhu Jiang New Town,Tianhe District
+ Description
Top View comprises 6 blocks of 26-49 storey apartment buildings. Along with Zhong Hai jing Hui and Blossom Cove, Top View is the newly luxurious property project launched by Guangzhou Zhonghai Real Estate Development Co.Ltd. Top view will appeal to the residents who are seeking the serenity and accessibility at the same time as it possesses a spectacular view of Zhu Jiang Park and it’s also positioned at the right core of CBD in Zhu Jiang New Town. Overlooking Pearl River and Zhu Jiang Park, residents of Top View can enjoy the cozy and relaxing ambience this complex offers.
+ Facilities
Gym, club, swimming pool.
Special offer
Type Area Special offer Description
3Br135RMB 13000 Online Request
3br140RMB 25800 Online Request
3br150RMB 20000 Online Request
3br200RMB 28000 Online Request
4br240RMB 25800 Online Request
3br180RMB 25800 Online Request
5br280RMB 33000 Online Request
4br250RMB 33000 Online Request
4BR250RMB 32000 Online Request
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