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誉峰 / The Cosmos
+ Location
Located on Jin Sui Rd,Zhu Jiang New Town(The north gate of Zhu Jiang Park)
+ Description
Facing the north of Zhu Jiang Park with 28,000sqm cherished,breathtaking park view,The Cosmos is a true rarity found in Zhu Jiang New Town CBD.This complex comprises 8 blocks of 41-45-storey apartment buildings.Every unit features the full-length windows and indoor gardens to let in lots of sunshine,creating a warm ambience and a feeling of space & good cheer.Other features include the landscaped garden with sculpture theme,constant-temperature swimming pool,coffee bar,sizable sports facilities.etc.Don't let your opportunity of having a new lease of life slip away!
+ Facilities
Special offer
Type Area Special offer Description
3br200RMB 29000 Online Request
4br250RMB 35000 Online Request
4BR180RMB 25000 Online Request
3br178RMB 23500 Online Request
4br250RMB 30000 Online Request
3br200RMB 27000 Online Request
4br232RMB 33000 Online Request
4br250RMB 40500 Online Request
3br204RMB 28000 Online Request
4BR250RMB 29000 Online Request
3br204RMB 25800 Online Request
3br205RMB 26800 Online Request
4br232RMB 29000 Online Request
4br250RMB 35000 Online Request
4BR250RMB 33000 Online Request
4BR174RMB 28000 Online Request
3BR207RMB 32800 Online Request
3BR207RMB 30000 Online Request
4BR174RMB 28000 Online Request
4Br245RMB 33000 Online Request
4Br174RMB 25000 Online Request
4Br216RMB 26800 Online Request
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