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嘉裕君玥公馆 / Emperor Mansion
+ Location
Huasui Road,Zhujiang New Town,Tianhe District. 20 meters away from the Zhujiang New Town Metro Station.
+ Description
Near the landmark buildings in Guangzhou including twin towers, the Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou Library, Provincial Museum, the second Children's Palace, TV & Sightseeing Tower,unique geographical location. Facilities:Southeast Asia style three-dimensional water features gardens, clubs, indoor badminton court, children's activity centers, shopping malls, etc.
+ Facilities
Special offer
Type Area Special offer Description
4br156RMB 22500 Online Request
4br149RMB 18000 Online Request
3br148RMB 21000 Online Request
3br168RMB 20000 Online Request
3+1br175RMB 23500 Online Request
4br160RMB 19800 Rented.Available from the beginning of June,2013.Online Request
3+1BR148RMB 18000 Have been rented .Online Request
3br148RMB 19800 Well decorated. Full set of domestic furniture and electrica...Online Request
4br190RMB 22500 Online Request
3br145RMB 21000 Online Request
4br180RMB 26500 Online Request
4br180RMB 22000 Online Request
4br168RMB 18000 Online Request
3br157RMB 18500 Online Request
4br152RMB 18500 Online Request
3br135RMB 17000 Online Request
3br135RMB 16000 Online Request
3br135RMB 20000 Online Request
4br168RMB 21000 Online Request
3br147RMB 22500 Online Request
4br171RMB 23500 Online Request
4br185RMB 17500 Online Request
3br165RMB 17500 Online Request
3br165RMB 19500 Online Request
3BR+Study room+cloakroom160RMB 20800 Online Request
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