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Hotel for rent in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of the most important economic ports of China, which was one of the first cities to open its gate for foreign trade and commerce. Under these circumstances, it is obvious that people wanting to do business in China would definitely visit this city and would automatically want appropriate accommodation options to suit their needs. Hotels in Guangzhou are available a dime a dozen and depending on your budget as well as other requirements, you can choose from the wide array.

Mid-range Hotels

There are many middle ranged hotels in Guangzhou, including the Guangzhou Hotel, Guangzhou Rosedale Hotel and Suite, and many others. It is interesting to note that all hotels in Guangzhou are divided into categories depending on what they offer to their guests. Most hotels in the mid- range can be classified as 3-star hotels, depending on the privileges offered.

The mid -range hotels in Guangzhou offer a minimum comfort level for their guests while also providing the facilities of a banquet hall and conference room. All hotels offer internet access, television, A/C and other basic necessities that are absolutely essential for any traveler. The problem with the star rating is that it does not really talk about the quality of services or privileges provided. For example, a hotel might provide all the basic comforts but in a minimalistic way and it would yet be rated as a three star hotel. Therefore, doing a basic check of your requirements and finding out whether these are provided in the manner you require is absolutely essential before you travel.

Secondly, it is important to remember that while most hotels might have a travel desk, they may not have an airport pickup, except during the Canton Fair. This is because most of these hotels in Guangzhou are easily accessible through the various modes of public and private transport. These are factors that you should consider and evaluate before booking yourself in the many hotels in the city.

High -range Hotels

High range hotels, on the other hand, are classified as 4-star and 5-star hotels and are often those that are owned by international giants. Most high end hotels offer a multitude of amenities, both in room as well as in the hotel, which are positively decadent in some cases. Spa facilities, excellent in room as well as hotel dining facilities, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, conference halls, baby sitting or pet care facilities, well equipped travel desks as well as interpreter facilities are on offer in most cases. However, it is important to remember that no two hotels are alike and therefore, there could be differences in the facilities or amenities offered by hotels in Guangzhou. So, before you plan your trip to this wonderful and vibrant city, it is important to study the various hotels available as well as the facilities offered by them. Interact directly with the staff of various hotels in Guangzhou to find out more about the exact nature of services offered, to see if it fits your requirements or not.


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