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For the  first time to  inverted Guangzhou perhaps you are confused how to rent an ideally apartment in Guangzhou, let me introduce you to a few top apartment to you

1.The Cosmos

"The Cosmos" positioning for the CBD international central mansion, is located in the North centralin of Pearl River Park and have Pearl River Park landscape, as the project is located in CBDDwelling core imperial estate level position.Design characteristics of" month by changing shape" point design, will be the introduction of innovation"Master and servant" the space and the air to more green space design concept, two ladder layer unit is increased the main bedroom space. With a high of 6 meters of the garden in the sky.

2.J-living service apartment

J-living service apartment is located in the axis of the core area and septum by the axis of a road . Is a high German landmark has the only one has gold3D landscape,Luxury product design, Top Class Hotel life support. Only in the CBD axis adjacent to the core of the Residence. The most scarce axis landscape arc living room design. Pass throughThe glass windows will be the Pearl River Metro axial panoramic view. Is a leading international soil party building, friends gathered the most beautiful city living room.

3.Central park view garden

The Central park view garden is Hongkong new world real estate group developmed in the Pearl River Metro large-scale noble residential garden, suitable for living. The unique architectural design of each building is double elevator lobby,floor lobby directly through the garden and will honor left noisy and to enjoy the quiet bustling.

4.Moon Island

Moon Island over all by stowers, a total of 1 buildings and 4 residential Residence. Residential area from the 105-203square meters, main Huxing comfortable big 3 and 4 of the housing housing units. In the development, design gauge theory. The island of the moon was group defined as CBD District Oriental humanities house. The realization of modern simplicity Chinese symbols in CBD high-rise building on the first show. On the cultural connotation on a breakthrough,The integration of China "moon" the essence of culture. Embodies profound modern oriental culture in the letter, the project will create CBD new residential form and residential culture. The" Oriental living wisdom" concept in the cityCBD core areas of high-end life a splendid performance

5.Castle Peak

Castle Peak in the subway five lines , in the commercial center,is the Pearl River Park, in 30 June,2011 was setup, now has a large number of housing available options , and this property is residential and commercial properties, As a company office, and one hundred percent can register industrial and commercial business license. Management fees than office building also for 2/3 cheaper

.6.Park Royal

Park Royal tribunal superior location, near the Pearl River Park, the distinguished property. The ultimate landscape. the elegant area of garden of strict management, the most famous peak property. The most famous real estate development bibcock eldest brother,Sea real estate is a masterpiece.

Traffic conditions: close to Metro Line5 Liede Station arranged in a crisscross pattern, three-dimensional traffic network, 10 minutes go to the Tian Hebei core commercial circle,5 minutes straight to CBD axis.


Parkvista is located in the Pearl River city core area, CBD axes in the East, the Pearl River on the west side of the park, to the east of Liede road. with 280000 square meters of the Pearl River Garden is apart from the subway line 3, nearly a hundred meters away; to the SouthCity hall high school is planning, primary school, north of flourishing Pearl River Metro is planning the only commercial pedestrian street


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