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Attractive large &modern Shopping places in Shenzhen

1.KK Mall

KK Mall is the latest high-end shopping mall in Shenzhen, within walking distance of both Citic Plaza and MixCity. They opened in December 2010. On top of the shopping mall there are a couple of residential towers and inside you'll find lots of expensive brands. There is also a supermarket called 'BLT' on the bottom floor.

2. Citic City Plaza

Citic City Plaza is a high-end shopping mall in Futian district. If you are after brands like some Gucci, DG, Louis Vuitton, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior etc, then Citic plaza is one of the places to go in Shenzhen. Citic Plaza is comparable to Mixc or Holiday Plaza in this regard. At the basement, you’ll also find a Jusco supermarket, which carries Western (and Japanese) foods, like Ole supermarket. There are several restaurants at Citic Plaza, like the well-known Shanghainese restaurant Yuyuan, and also some fast-food chains such as KFC and Pizza Hut are also present.

3.Coco Park

Coco Park is a modern shopping complex located at the GouWuGongYuan subway stop. It is built partially above and partially underground with a large open area in the center. Shopping mega complex. Sports clothing, fashion, some restaurants, including “Norway Oslo” which has some outdoor seating. Opposite Coco Park there is a very cool area with many bars and restaurants, worth taking a look.

4. "LuoHu Commercial City

Luohu Commercial City is a good place for you ,shouldn’t miss it .It is one of the biggest shopping malls in Shenzhen, lies at the border of Hongkong and Shenzhen,with all type of equipment complete to suit people need in it and is very busy .Luohu Commercial City is very well knowed by people in Southeast Asia ,and many people in America and Europe know it,too.They usually come here for purchase .

Luohu Commercial City is make up of five floors ,with more than 1700 shops in it ,for sale a various of goods ,here you almost can find anything you want. For example, the goods for sale here including fashion wear、sports wear、shoes、handbags、suitcase、jewelry、watches、sunglasses、toys、CDs、DVDs、video games、golf、traditional medicine for men and women, and the good brand including LV、GUCCI、CHANEL、ROLEX、OMEGA、Dior、FENDI、VERSACE、CHLOE、HERMES、COACH、CARTIER and so on ,you can easily find world famous brand here

5.MixC shopping mall

MixC (pronounced Mix City) is located in Luohu district at subway station Da Ju Yuan. It's one of the most expensive and up-scale shopping centers in Shenzhen. Many expensive foreign brands and foreign restaurants such as the excellent French restaurant La Belle Époque. On the first floor is the foreign Ole supermarket with lots of good breads and cakes. Very expensive, but if you crave for a good sand witch or chocolate cake or some special imports, this is the place to come! On the fourth floor is an ice-skating ring and on the fifth floor, looking out over the ice-skating ring, is a Deli city food court. There are of course also many fast-food chains and other Western chains: McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, KFC, Spaghetti House, Haagen-Dazs etc. There is also a big modern cinema called Golden Harvest Cinema

6.Gift shops in Shenzhen

Area around SEG

Go to SEG and walk in the direction of MOI, Women’s World etc. Opposite of Women’s world you will find a large building where they sell lots of mobile phones and computer hardware. You need to look quite careful, but one of the signs says something like “Gift market”. You first walk a few meters towards a parking area and then you see a bakery to your right and to the left you see the stairs to the gift shop. It consists of several small shops each with one sales person. It’s conveniently located close to the big shopping area and it’s possible to find something here, but the selection is not very good.

7.Luohu area – Sungang Gifts City

Close to Hoba furniture store in Luohu district, this is a very good area to buy gifts. There are several very big warehouses with countless small shops inside. Lots of locals will also go to this area to buy gifts. You may go to “1 – GIFTS” called “Sungang Art&Craft City” in the map You may purchase several things here, including fake KFC food made out of plastic. There were also several cool clocks, indoor fountains, paintings, woodcarvings, umbrellas, lights, glass and quite a lot of other stuff.

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