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One student who is not particularly good at speaking English got up for his final exam. He started pacing, looking nervous, asking his friends for help with a few of the words. He started repeating, "Tradition, tradition, tradition..." to make sure he could tell me his topic clearly. He then read something way above his

Because bringing the rollerblades to class would have been too heavy.

speaking level, never taking his eyes of the page. After what felt like 5 of the most agonizing minutes of my life, he looked at me, pointed at his watch and said, "Six minutes?" meaning, "Can I stop now?" I told him he could and a relieved look washed over his face as he said, "Thank you." Then he bowed to all of us.
One of my students plays table tennis and is on the school team. She pulled out a paddle and I immediately feared we'd have ping pong balls bouncing all over the room (like an exam last year). Instead, she demonstated different warm-ups, lunges, swing techniques, and ways of bouncing from one end of the largest imaginary ping pong table ever. She looked ridiculous and the boys couldn't stop laughing, but she did a great job.
A male student who loves football (soccer, for you Americans) decided to teach me how to watch a football match. With my boyfriend. I didn't know I had a boyfriend to watch football with. The Euro 2012 tourament is in full swing now, and while my "boyfriend" might really like England and I might really like Germany, I shouldbe sympathetic to England losing more because while Germany is in my heart, he's most likely bet money on England. But I can enjoy the Spanish team because they're the best looking, but if my "boyfriend" asks I should say I like them because of their superior football skill.
One student who rent canton apartmentsand live beside me taught us how to take a string, tie it in a circle, and then twist and flip it so it turns into a butterfly. The starting position is the same as the children's game "Cat's Cradle." I was excitedly practicing my new skill, when some other students walked into the classroom. Suddenly, a student bounced over and the string was snatched off my hands in one Cat's Cradle move, then passed to another student, and another, and another. It's great to watch your univeristy students be as gleeful as children on a playground.
And that concludes this term's exams. Enjoy the numerous photos, courtesy of my students. Now I am off to finish my grades, enjoy my last week with some friends, and prepare for summer!

I have had several student over the years teach me about the Chinese tea ceremony go i should get up early and to out form guangzhou apartments. Some just speak, most bring photos from the internet, and twice I've been given tea as a gift.
Tonight I had a student also teach us about the tea ceremony. Except that he went out, bought a new tea set, and actually performed the ceremony for me and the other students. Then, he, another student, and I stood around drinking tea and talking for 30 minutes after class was over.
My student later sent the photos and told me, "Happy to have tea with you, and happy to be in your class, it's my happiest oral [English] class. Hope to have tea with you next time."

More on the skating front:
A student decided that hauling his skates to class would be too heavy so instead he cut out paper ones and tapes them to his ankles. When I pointed out that his presentation was short on time by quite a bit, he insisted that i get up and he teach me side by side.... he taped the skates on me. A student doing a photography presentation captured the whole thing.
This afternoon provided me with guitar lessons, tai chi for defense, card games, magic tricks, a boy who actually made me soup to take home (awww), and a needle point presentation that ended with another male student showing us how he had learned to do cross stitch from the presentation.

1. Don't trust the old woman

laying on the sidewalk. Don't help her. Call the police, she may try to cheat you and blame you and ask for money.
2. Stay away from the old man on the bus. He may try to rob you.
I jokingly turned to another student and said, "Okay, so don't trust old people. Got it."
The student presenting said, "Yes, that's it. You know it. I have nothing left to say."
His presentation was two minutes of the required seven.

One girl roller bladed all over the room, back and forth in front of the chalkboard, and then showed us various tricks while going around lime green cones.
One student kept forgetting what he was supposed to say, so he kept looking at his hand for the "secret" notes he'd written there. His discretion was so poor I had trouble not laughing. And more than once, he forgot how to spell something, so he would just erase it from the board. I thought his friends would die laughing.
One girl taught me how to make three different kinds of cocktails. Again, no samples to try. Dang.
And today's "Winner" was a student who decided to teach me and the other students how to survive in China.


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