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Best way to find guangzhou apartments for rent

Last time we share Weiwu, Why Not? Touring Hakka “Earth Houses” in Meizhou with you, this time we will talk about Best way to find guangzhou apartments for rent.

If you want to find guangzhou apartments for rent not only for the short term or long term just need follow those steps

Firstly, please share your requirements with your Agency:

Please tell us, what type of apartment / house you are looking for: According to your needs,it’s more easy for agency to recommend suitable apartments for u accurately and efficiently

  • size
  • budget
  • location (downtown or residential area outside downtown)
  • serviced / non-serviced
  • fully-furnished or non-furnished
  • date and duration of rental term

Third, what’s the rules and regulations when rent apartment in Guangzhou

1. Means of Payment :

When sign the contract with owner and agency, tenant should prepare: first month rental+ two months rental as deposit+ half month rental as commission.

2. Market price offered by owner: it’s excluding water& electricity fee, management fee, internet fee, Cable TV fee, invoice fee.

3. Once tenant check out before the expiry date of the contract, the two months deposit won’t be refunded by owner.

4. Tenant should provide owner and agency one copy of their passport, agency provide business license, landlord provide property ownership certificate. Go to the street office to do the registration after tenant move in the apartment.

Secondly, there are different types of apartments, you need make it clear:

1. What is serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments, often referred to as hotel apartments, extended-stay apartments or corporate apartments, are apartments that come together with various kinds of services; reception services offering multilingual support, cleaning services, business services, or shuttle services. A majority of all serviced apartments on our site are managed and operated by professional companies that make sure that all available apartments are properly maintained and prepared for your arrival.

Some advantages of serviced apartments is that serviced apartments in general offer more space, more privacy and freedom and are more cost effective than hotels in similar price ranges. With flexible lease period(daily, monthly, annually all are acceptable)A serviced apartment is much more than just a place to sleep; it offers a private environment where you can cook your own favorite food, invite your own friends over for dinner, and where you can relax in an environment not too much different from your own home. You have your own kitchen, your own fridge, your own washing machine and others. Most serviced apartments also come with multilingual support and other services

2. What is furnished apartment?

A furnished apartment is an apartment equipped with furniture and without any extra services such as cleaning, multilingual front support and others. All the services stripped away, from the very first day in your new city, you have an apartment equipped with basically everything you need, a kitchen equipped with a fridge, cooking stove, cooking equipment and utensils, a living room with TV/DVD, a bathroom often equipped with a washing/drying machine, hairdryer and others. Furnished apartments are in general more affordable than serviced apartments and may be considered even more private. It belongs to private landlord, only acceptable for long-term for 1year lease term.

Furnished apartments are sometimes referred to as self-catering apartments and in general they offer lower rents than serviced apartments. In most cases utilities, such as gas, electricity and water Internet, telephone, management fee are is excluding in rent but in other cases not, please be sure to confirm with the owner of the apartment, and review the rental agreement carefully before you rent the apartment. In case you have confidence in your ability to get along in a new environment without need for extra service, a furnished self-catering apartment may very well be your best choice.

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