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World Expo in Shanghai

The most distinguishable feature of the Swiss pavilion at the expo is its outside curtain, made from degradable soybeans and dye-sensitized solar cells that are capable of generating electricity. The curtain will present the image of a forest, which will remind people of nature. The curtain fiber automatically degrades in two weeks after disposal.

Japan, the 2005 World Expo host, will showcase a "breathing" structure at the 2010 fair. The country's semi-circular shaped pavilion will make efficient use of natural resources with solar energy collection batteries and a double-layer membrane that can filter sunshine. It also coincides with the country's theme of how technology can better people's lives.

The green guidelines, which collected a wide range of suggestions and comments from environment specialists, organizations and student research groups, is also expected to remind all on how they can help build a green event.

Visitors have also been encouraged to take public transportation to the expo venue to help reduce the emission of carbon gases. The public has also been urged to buy credits, like purchasing trees, to offset their carbon footprint.

The public has been urged to participate in the city's green drive efforts as part of the green guidelines for the forthcoming World Expo released yesterday.

A joint effort of the Shanghai Expo organizers and UNEP, or United Nations Environment Program, the Green Guidelines for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo outline a wide range of principles and solutions on how to apply green ideas for the event.

"For the sake of our planet, the Shanghai Expo should be green and will be green," Wang Zhijia, special coordinator at UNEP's Division for Regional Cooperation, said at yesterday's press conference held for the release of the guidelines.

Following its success as a co-host of the Beijing "Green Olympics", Shanghai is determined to present a green expo for the estimated 70 million visitors next year.

Ideas for energy saving and environment friendly measures have been incorporated in the drive to conduct a green event, said Sun Jian, deputy chief of the city's environment protection bureau

Participants at the exhibition have also been urged to share and showcase their achievements.

The guidelines also call for joint efforts by expo participants, service providers and visitors to conduct the event in harmony with nature.

Centered on the theme of "Better City, Better Life", the Shanghai Expo has so far confirmed participation by 239 nations and international organizations.


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