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Top 3 Must Visit Places in Guangzhou

Pearl River (珠江)

At 2,214 kilometers (about 1,376 miles) long, the Pearl River is the third largest river in China and the largest one in Guangzhou. The Pearl River in Guangzhou City is picturesque, adorned by charming views along the river. A cruise along the Pearl River in Guangzhou City has become a must for visitors to Guangzhou. Whether you choose a daytime or an evening cruise, it will be a highlight of your trip.

Pearl River Scenery



Pearl River, Guangzhou

One can not be considered to have visited Guangzhou if he hasn't cruised the scenic Pearl River. Views along the Pearl River in Guangzhou City are charming and gentle. Historical sites and unique architecture scattered along the Pearl River are numerous and are a goodly reflection of the Guangzhou culture. Among them are architectures in Shamian where converge a number of ancient architectures from various countries, the White Goose Pool that is one of the eight most famous scenes in Guangzhou, and ten characteristic bridges.

Pearl River Night Cruise

Compared with the daytime cruise on the Pearl River, the night cruise is even more fascinating under the sparkling lights. The night cruise starts from the White Goose Pool and ends at the Guangzhou Bridge in the east and Baihedong (White Crane Cave) in the south. This section offers visitors vistas such as 'Night Moon over the Goose Pool' and 'Red Heart of the Pearl River'. Every visitor will be captivated by the beauty of the Pearl River during this two-hour evening cruise.

 Huacheng Square (花城广场)

Huacheng Square (花城广场), located in Zhujiang New Town's CBD, is now a renowned sightseeing and shopping destination. Walking in the square one can appreciate the green surrounds and a magnificent view of the Canton Tower across the Pearl River. Surrounding the square is the Guangzhou No.2 Children's Palace, the Guangzhou Opera House, Library and the Guangdong Museum. The area also boasts three city landmarks, the East Tower, West Tower and the Canton Tower, as well as five star hotels and office buildings housing several of the Fortune 500.


Guangzhou Opera House——The opera house includes a 36,400-square-meter Grand Theater, a 7,400-square-meter multifunctional theater and other auxiliary facilities.

Guangdong Museum Situated on the edge of the river in Zhujiang New Town, the new Guangdong Museum has been a triumphant success. Thousands of visitors have already flocked to witness the impressive building, with its fascinating exhibitions.
Canton Tower
The Canton Tower opened in October last year. With 37 floors at 610 meters, it stands as the highest tower in the world. It was used for the production and broadcasting of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010.
Nicknamed “slim waist,” it covers a ground area of 84,000 square meters, whilst its great height is the result of a 454-meter-long body and a 156-meter-long aerial.
Haixinsha Asian Games Park
Haixinsha Asian Games Park hosted the prestigious opening and closing ceremonies of the Guangzhou Asian Games. It was officially opened to visitors on January 1st 2011 .

 Shangxiajiu Road (上下九步行街)

Since Shangxiajiu road opened as the first business street of Guangzhou in September, 1995, this pedestrian shopping street have ranked the first among others in Guangzhou for its length of more than 1200 meters and its shop number of more than 300. This shopping area had developed its own business culture "the Western guan Culture". During its history, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street has not only gathered many old brands such as Taotaoju Restaurant, Qingping Hotel, Yong’an Company and etc, but also developed some niche markets including the medicine market in Qingping Road, jade article market in hualin street, Zhuangyuanfang. It is well known for its bite and sup.

clip_image010 clip_image012

Shangxiajiu has a long line of Qi Lou, a kind of architecture with outstretching upper floors serving as the roof of the ground floor creating a line around the house like a corridor. The history of the houses could date back to as early as Qing Dynasty, forming as an outcome of the city’s hot and rainy climate. The ground floor was reserved for commercial use mostly by small businesses like pawnshops and food vendors, while the upper floors were for residential use. Pedestrians can shop even in a rainy day.

Shangxiajiu represents a typical life-style in Guangzhou, clamorous and casual, practical and particular. You may find many historical brands here for dining. Taste the most genuine dim sum here at Guangzhou Restaurant, Lian Xiang Lou and Tao Tao Ju. Unlike Beijing Road as a hub of famous brands, Shangxiajiu is for the grass-root. Little shops cluster here selling jewelry, stationery and clothes at low price. It’s a place for low-paid workers and students.

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