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Guangzhou nightlife--Bar Streets

Guangzhou has three immensely popular bar streets on Yanjiang Road and Huanshi Road and at Bai'etan. Although they have different features, these bars are all favorite spots of nightlife. The Yanjiang Road Bar Street is located on the bank of the Pearl River, featuring a beautiful environment and an exotic flavor. The East Huanshi Road Bar Street is situated in a prime location in the city center. The Bai'etan Exotic Bar Street, which lies on Changdi Road at Fangcun by the Pearl River, is the latest entrant to Guangzhou's bar scene. These bar streets are ideal places to unwind after a hard day's work.

● Yanjiang Road Bar Street

The Yanjiang Road Bar Street is the best-known bar streets in Guangzhou.
It stretches from the intersection of South Renmin Road to Tianzi Wharf along the enchanting Pearl River, running along the long causeway and the Liberation Bridge, comprising numerous bars, restaurants and karaoke parlors. Many bars on the street are housed in historical buildings with distinctive features.

Many new bars have cropped up in the city over the past few years, but the Yanjiang Road Bar Street as the city remains as popular as ever before, attracting not only local young white-collar workers but also tourists and expatriates. At nightfall, the bar street turns bustling with neo lights shining and pretty female greeters beckoning at bar doors, drawing an endless stream of patrons looking to unwind after a hectic day.

※ Location: Yanjiang Road, Yuexiu District 
※ Transportation:
• Metro: Haizhu Square Station, Metro Line 2

● East Huanshi Road Bar Street

Since 2000, numerous bars and nightclubs have cropped up on East Huanshi Road and Taojin Road and at the Huaqiao Housing Estate, forming a sizable concentration of nightlife spots popular among expatriates.

The pathway across the Huaqiao Housing Estate is lined by more than ten bars, forming a T-shaped strip nightlife spot bustling at night. Almost all bars here are detached houses with gardens. The shining lights, the dynamic music, the live band, and various types of stage shows make the bars an ideal place to unwind after a hard day's work. Patrons can also enjoy a couple of drinks with their friends in the quiet gardens outside the houses.

Bars here cater to a sophisticated clientele, offering expensive drinks.

※ Location: East Huanshi Road, Yuexiu District 
※ Transportation:
• Metro: Taojin Station of Metro Line 5

● Bai'etan Exotic Bar Street

The Bai'etan Exotic Bar Street is Guangzhou's most glamorous bar strip, rivaling Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong. Stretching 1,600 meters along Changdi Road on Huadi Street at Fangcun, the bar street offers a wide range of leisure and entertainment options. It's currently Guangzhou's only government-zoned bar street. European-style architecture and super landscaping set the Bai'etan Exotic Bar Street apart from other bar streets in the city. It also offers lower prices than bars at Dongshan and Tianhe.

※ Address: Bai'etan by Pearl River, Changdi Road, Fangcun District 
※ Transportation:
Metro: Exit B1, Fangcun Station, Metro Line 1; Fangcun Bus stop, Bus Nos. 17, 19 and 64

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