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Guangzhou IFC Leading Guangzhou’s Business Future

Located in the heart of the CBD of Pearl River New City in Guangzhou, GZIFC is 432 meters tall with 103 floors, placing itself among the world’s 10 tallest buildings. The 1st to 66th floors of the building are international-standard grade-A offices with a leasing space of 174,000 square-meter. The space is tailored to provide tenants with an office environment with world-class design, advanced technology, high efficiency, safety, comfort and environmental friendliness. It aspires to attract world-renowned multinational corporations, regional headquarters of large domestic enterprises and fast-growing industries with healthy growth forecast, covering finance, insurance, consultancy and information sectors. Thanks to its premier location, stunning facade,

Slow travel in Guangzhou to view Yangcheng delicious food

Travel in Guangzhou, eat in Guangzhou, playing in Guangzhou. Guangzhou a number of renowned scenic spots, delicious food and shopping paradise. The slow travel in Guangzhou, tast the Yangcheng delicious food, feel authentic Yangcheng style.

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