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A better life in Guangzhou|Canton Local Resource Guide

Guangzhou nightlife--Bar Streets

Guangzhou has three immensely popular bar streets on Yanjiang Road and Huanshi Road and at Bai'etan. Although they have different features, these bars are all favorite spots of nightlife. The Yanjiang Road Bar Street is located on the bank of the Pearl River, featuring a beautiful environment and an exotic flavor. The East Huanshi Road Bar Street is situated in a prime location in the city center. The Bai'etan Exotic Bar Street, which lies on Changdi Road at Fangcun by the Pearl River, is the latest entrant to Guangzhou's bar scene. These bar streets are ideal places to unwind after a hard day's work.

Fantastic Nightlife in Guangzhou (Expats’life)

Are you in search of relaxation and recreation in Guangzhou? Nightlife in Guangzhou is pretty fantastic. As one of the first Chinese cities that were opened to the outside world, Guangzhou is definitely a pioneer in introducing fresh overseas trends in the field of entertainment.It’s super easy to looking for the perfect nightlife in Guangzhou.


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