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Enjoy tea and snack when rent in guangzhou

A secluded paradise in the midst of an urban jungle, Tongqing Tang (同情堂) is an antique lover's dream. The high price tag (expect to drop several hundred RMB for a pot of tea) keeps out the riff-raff, making it ideal for small, intimate gatherings, with a VIP room for super high-rollers. Food here is also more expensive than your average restaurant, but word is the taste matches the price. Recommended: Pu'er (普洱) or Iron Goddess of Mercy (铁观音) tea.

Celebrate Girls Day in guangzhou apartments

We started out at YueXiu Park. Unlike last time I was here, it wasn't raining. But it was hot and humid and after walking around for a little more than an hour we'd had enough.

Book launch in guangzhou apartments successfully

With so many major developments led by Chinese companies, such as the Africa Cup Football stadium in Gabon, the Organization of African Unity Building built in Etiopia’s Capital City Addidas Ababa, and China’s Civil Engineering Company’s High Speed Rail Link (高铁)which will connect.

Music to Your Ears: Musical Instrument Shops in Guangzhou

Yinyuan has one of the widest selections of musical instruments you will find in Guangzhou, in a fairly convenient location. Besides the standard pianos, guitars and violins, the vast range of weird and wonderful Chinese instruments make this shop worth visiting, if only just to look! In particular, budding guitarists can find plenty of amplifiers and other accessories, while there are also plenty of keyboards. It also has a practice room with a drum kit for small ensembles.

Music to Your Ears: Musical Instrument Shops in Guangzhou

Once you have your visa sorted and have got your head around all the differences of a life in China, it's important to keep up with your hobbies and interests to really settle in. While plenty of expats ease into a life of drinking and going out to nightclubs, there are still plenty of hobbies you can enjoy at home. Playing musical instruments provides a great way of relaxing at the end of the day, and once you have bought the instrument, it's a free night in! Even if you fancy 'experiencing the culture' and learning one of those funky-looking Chinese instruments, there are plenty of shops in Guangzhou selling all kinds of musical instruments. Just don't disturb the neighbours!.

Transportation Guide of Zhongshan

Zhongshan is not a large city and its external communication depends heavily on its well developed system of highways, complemented by water transport. Three important freeways pass through the city, connecting Zhongshan to several other metropolises and prosperous cities in China. In addition, the city's road network has been extended to a number of cities on the Pearl River Delta.

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