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Where to Live in Shenzhen: A District Guide

Tom Real Estate: is a company specializing in providing business travelers as well as holiday travelers with information about available serviced and furnished apartments for short term as well as long term leases in major cities in Shenzhen. Fluent in English, they can provide a detailed search for traveling foreigners.Here I would like to give you a detail information of guide to live in Shenzhen district.

District Overview – Shenzhen Living&Shopping Area

Shenzhen in southern China, near the border with Hong Kong, was named China’s first Special Economic Zone more than 25 years ago. At the time, it was a sleepy farming village that few could have guessed would mushroom into the dynamic, international, commercial center it is today. The city has grown so much, in fact, it has been split into three distinct districts: two commercial ones, Lo Wu and Futian and one almost exclusively residential, Nanshan.

Leading you to taste the best in SZ

Shenzhen's gastronomic delicacies, is a reflection of its population - a smorgasbord of authentic cuisine from the provinces of China. Hot and spicy specialties of Sichuan Province, preserved ham of Hunan Province, cold dishes of northeast China and the perennial Cantonese meals are all favourite dishes of the locals. Japanese and Thai restaurants are also becoming popular.

City guide--Shenzhen Airport Transportation to Hong Kong & Macau

Transportation between Shenzhen Airport to Hong Kong and Macau is quite convenient. There are shuttle buses to Hong Kong Airport and New Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal. Ferries are also available from Fuyong Pier (near Shenzhen Airport) to Sky Pier (near Hong Kong Airport ) and New Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal.Passengers who travel to Hong Kong/Macau from Shenzhen should take their valid passport and visa for entering Hong Kong/Macau. For passengers from a visa-free country to Hong Kong, a valid passport is enough. Passengers who travel to Hong Kong/Macau to Mainland China should take their valid passport and visa for entering Mainland China.

Shenzhen attraction: Dameisha & Xiaomeisha Scenic Area

Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha are two beaches which form the coastal scenic area on the shore of Dapeng Bay in Yantian District of Shenzhen City. This scenic area and have been referred to as “The Hawaii of the East”. Nowadays guesthouses, hotels, villas and camping houses can be found along the seashore offering tourists somewhere to relax and enjoy the beautiful seaside scenery. They are the favoured recreational spot for locals keen to make the most of their holidays amid lush, tropic scenery and fresh air. You will experience a feeling of romance here

Overview of weather in Shenzhen

Due to its subtropical marine climate, Shenzhen weather is mild and with plentiful sunshine and rainfall all year round. Summer in Shenzhen usually lasts for as long as 6 months, but without overly hotness. Relatively, winter is very short and not cold at all.

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