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Funny place you have to go duriing the night in shenzhen

With a nice fancy look, Lace Club is another good place to wind down the day at Shenzhen. It holds two levels and some graceful private rooms. The location is in a good spot for having dinner nearby and then going to party.

Weiwu, Why Not? Touring Hakka “Earth Houses” in Meizhou

When you hear the phrase "Hakka architecture", probably one of the first things that comes to mind are those donut-shaped tulou (土楼) earth houses in Fujian's Yongding county that are famous for being mistakenly identified as missile silos by an American intelligence agent. Less well-known—and shamefully underrated—are the 20,000 or so Hakka weiwu (围屋) buildings in Guangdong's Meizhou countryside (梅州), which have got everything you could ever want in a Hakka home and more.

How much you know about Chinese food

Here you need just one rule: be open to trying strange foods. China isn't famous for its manifold cuisine for nothing. Meals that are eaten every day by the Chinese are also well-suited to the western palate. Even Chinese people don't like to eat some stranger specialties.

Bullet Train or Airplane: Which is the Best Value for Money?

This is a translated article original published on the Chinese web magazine With the upcoming opening of the high speed rail link between Beijing and Shanghai, many people have been discussing which is the better option for travelling between the two cities, the bullet train or the airplane? This article tries to give an answer through the comparison of a number of factors ranging from travel time to price and even level of comfort.

China Culture News - China Service Mall

The situation came to a head in 2005 when a shindig on the Great Wall at Jinshanling, three hours from Beijing, was said to involve up to 1,500 revelers taking drugs, urinating and copulating on the World Heritage Site.

Chinese culture

Huaqiang Holdings is a conglomerate with interests in electronics and culture-based industries. The company will develop the project with support from China Development Bank, China-Africa Development Fund (CAD Fund) and Industrial Development Corporation, a State-owned investment company from South Africa.

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