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A secluded paradise in the midst of an urban jungle, Tongqing Tang (同情堂) is an antique lover's dream. The high price tag (expect to drop several hundred RMB for a pot of tea) keeps out the riff-raff, making it ideal for small, intimate gatherings, with a VIP room for super high-rollers. Food here is also more expensive than your average restaurant, but word is the taste matches the price. Recommended: Pu'er (普洱) or Iron Goddess of Mercy (铁观音) tea.

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One student who is not particularly good at speaking English got up for his final exam. He started pacing, looking nervous, asking his friends for help with a few of the words. He started repeating, "Tradition, tradition, tradition..." to make sure he could tell me his topic clearly. He then read something way above his

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We started out at YueXiu Park. Unlike last time I was here, it wasn't raining. But it was hot and humid and after walking around for a little more than an hour we'd had enough.

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This is a sensitive question for museum professionals. Ivory sculptures are key archeological relics to understanding China’s history, such as the ivory goblet found in the Nanyue tomb. In 2010 The International Council of Museums helped China’s State administration of Cultural Heritage recover numerous illegally trafficked cultural relics, many of which were ivory sculpture, but this is cultural property.

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With so many major developments led by Chinese companies, such as the Africa Cup Football stadium in Gabon, the Organization of African Unity Building built in Etiopia’s Capital City Addidas Ababa, and China’s Civil Engineering Company’s High Speed Rail Link (高铁)which will connect.

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"It is easy for those policy makers to say this because they never need to take the bus or metro.""40 percent discount during peak-hours, greater discount during off-peak hours would be acceptable to me."In an online survey conducted on the topic, 94 percent of netizens voted that the reform would not reduce traffic congestion.

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