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Low-salary apartments draw frauds in many cities

He said the bureau has evidence of cheating involving more than 20 households, which will face punishment.Regulations state that fraudulent applicants can be deprived of the right to apply for three years.But some fear the punishment is not enough to stop people from forging information in a bid to buy the houses for profit.

Hot Commodities: Tips for Booking Train Tickets in China

Let's face it: buying train tickets in China can be a big, migraine-inducing pain in the butt; thanks to the "ingenious" policy of giving everyone in the country simultaneous vacations, travelling during a national holiday means that you're literally competing with hundreds of millions of others for that tiny, pink piece of paper they call a train ticket. But securing your spot on a train doesn't necessarily mean camping outside a travel agency until the first batch of pre-sale tickets go on sale (usually 10-12 days before), or trying to suppress a bout of rage as every second person cuts you in line at the train station's ticket window. With a bit of tact, know-how and planning, your train ticket may just be a few clicks or phone calls away.

Introduction of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

During the summit, the presidents of the six SCO member states -- China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan -- formally launched the Regional Anti-terrorist Structure of the SCO, and pledged in a joint declaration to cooperate in fighting terrorism and coping with new security threats and in strengthening their economic and trade ties.

Local Community Tries Specified Bags for Leftovers

Tianhe's Liede Community has put on trial a new method of sorting waste as of Aug 1, which requires the residents to use specified bags for disposing of kitchen waste, becoming one of the first government-designed modes for the waste sorting campaign in Guangzhou.

Sanya Attractions

The view of bright sunshine, blue water and wide beaches at Sanya, the southernmost tip of Hainan Province, attracts many regular visitors from both home and abroad year upon year. It is said that Sanya has the most well-preserved and beautiful beaches in all of China. All of the destinations of Sanya are linked to water, hence it attains its reputation as being the 'oriental Hawaii'. Now, Sanya is well known and admired as a famous coastal tourist city, with a favorable climate that includes good sunshine, seawater, beaches, green vegetation and pure air.

The realationship between Macao and solid backing

During an interview prior to the 10th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland, Ho thanked the central government for its solid backing to the region since Dec 20, 1999, saying such support has helped Macao meet multiple challenges and overcome many difficulties, ranging from the SARS epidemic in 2003 to the current global financial crisis.

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