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Where to Live in Shenzhen: A District Guide

Tom Real Estate: is a company specializing in providing business travelers as well as holiday travelers with information about available serviced and furnished apartments for short term as well as long term leases in major cities in Shenzhen. Fluent in English, they can provide a detailed search for traveling foreigners.Here I would like to give you a detail information of guide to live in Shenzhen district.

Dongguan Hotels Leading You Easy to Live In

The middle and upscale guesthouse hotel's majority service level and the degree of credit and reputation are good, many upscale guesthouses win tourist's praise by horizontal and the advanced servicing facility as well as providing the acme of perfection the first-class management and the multiplex high-quality service. Regardless of you are like the Chinese meal, the western-style food buffet all can meet your need in here. In hotel KTV, the Disco ballroom, the bar, Sang Nei takes a bath, multi-purpose facility and so on assembly hall, business center can let you feel frequently warm, comfortable. The guesthouse hotel service personnel also is passes through the strict training, can let you have the feeling like bathing in the wind, home away from home feeling.

Why foreigners rent apartments in guangzhou with Tom Real Estate?

There are hundreds of Real Estate business in the Guangzhou area. Located street side they are easy to find. They list the prices not only for apartments rent, but also for purchase. It is advised when searching for an apartment to bring along a Chinese and or Chinese speaking person. This will ensure that the language barrier will be crossed and that you will also get a fair price.

Renting Apartment in Guangzhou: How to Negotiate on the Asking Price

Strictly speaking, the discount on asking prices is 10%, but actual reductions can vary wildly between zero and over 40% – it really is case-by-case.(rent apartment in guangzhou is not cheap actully,so you must do your best to negotitate for the price)

How to rent apartment with less money in GuangZhou?

Every six or seven months are college students leave the campus when, in addition to looking for a job, graduates of top priority is to solve the housing to stabilize. As college graduates , especially Guangzhou such consumption

Rent houses in guangzhou reflect China's real estate

Many people rent houses in Guangzhou because they can't afford to buy a house here, Why is it that ?I think Is composed of the following reasons:In real estate, Chinese real estate in2007


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