Life Of Canton

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Universities in China

On the strong interest in education? Want to be preaching to the doubts? But do you know which is the best school of education in over-abundance of various Chinese universities? The most famous university is not necessarily best for you. We refer to the strength of the teaching, history and reputation, providing the following university ranking.

Sanya Attractions

The view of bright sunshine, blue water and wide beaches at Sanya, the southernmost tip of Hainan Province, attracts many regular visitors from both home and abroad year upon year. It is said that Sanya has the most well-preserved and beautiful beaches in all of China. All of the destinations of Sanya are linked to water, hence it attains its reputation as being the 'oriental Hawaii'. Now, Sanya is well known and admired as a famous coastal tourist city, with a favorable climate that includes good sunshine, seawater, beaches, green vegetation and pure air.

China win the competion of Soprano

Yu has also been taught by world renowned artists such as Carlo Bergorzi and Renee Fleming and won praise from them for her singing skills.

Dayuan Buddhist Ritual

The Dayuan Buddhist Ritual, or "Buddhist Ritual of Great Vows" of the Yonghe Temple, is held every year from the 24th of the first lunar month to the first of the second lunar year, which is today. During the first five days, the lamas chant sutras from morning to evening, while on the seventh day, which is also the last day of the first lunar month, the buzha dance is performed. The administrative department of Yonghe Temple estimates that each year around 3,000 to 4,000 attend the seventh day of the Dayuan Ritual.

Reinforcement school building in China

BEIJING, May 17 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government has started a three-year nationwide project to reinforce all school buildings with comprehensive anti-disaster capacities, sources with the Ministry of Education said Sunday.

Operas play an important role in China

The National Center for the Performing Arts greets Beijing citizens with Huangmei opera shows by Anhui Huangmei Opera Theatre.The three-day performance from February 7 to 9 wraped up both the traditional classic opera"The Heavenly Maid and the Mortal"and the neo-adapted "Thunderstorm".

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