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The number of college degree decline in china short term

The country's most populous province, Henan, will see 29,000 fewer people sit the college entrance exam. And similar falls were reported in Shanghai municipality and Hebei, Beijing's neighboring province. Some said the global economic crisis is believed to be the reason for the decline.

China Culture News - China Service Mall

The situation came to a head in 2005 when a shindig on the Great Wall at Jinshanling, three hours from Beijing, was said to involve up to 1,500 revelers taking drugs, urinating and copulating on the World Heritage Site.

Introduction of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

During the summit, the presidents of the six SCO member states -- China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan -- formally launched the Regional Anti-terrorist Structure of the SCO, and pledged in a joint declaration to cooperate in fighting terrorism and coping with new security threats and in strengthening their economic and trade ties.

Useful information for the Canton Fair

During Canton Fair, the prices of Guangzhou hotels are growing up 1-2 times than ordinal. We suggested you to avoid the Canton Fair or book the hotels before 2 month to get good price.

Local Community Tries Specified Bags for Leftovers

Tianhe's Liede Community has put on trial a new method of sorting waste as of Aug 1, which requires the residents to use specified bags for disposing of kitchen waste, becoming one of the first government-designed modes for the waste sorting campaign in Guangzhou.

Chinese culture

Huaqiang Holdings is a conglomerate with interests in electronics and culture-based industries. The company will develop the project with support from China Development Bank, China-Africa Development Fund (CAD Fund) and Industrial Development Corporation, a State-owned investment company from South Africa.

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