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Metro Explorations: Top 5 Sights of Guangzhou’s Metro Line 3

The Metro's Line 3 is an adventurous little underground route transporting passengers from north to south through the immense sprawl of Guangzhou. Recently extended all the way to the airport, Line 3 stops at popular Guangzhou sites like Changlong Resort, the Canton Tower, Baiyun Mountain and more.

Holidays in China

Ministry of Transport of PRC announced small buses with 7 seats or less will be toll free on the toll ways throughout China during the holiday of Chinese New Year, Tomb-sweeping Day, Labor Day and National Day. This policy will be carried out as of Sep. 30, 2012, the Mid-Autumn Day, considering its particularity that connects with the National Day (Oct. 1-7).

Customs and Celebrations for Mid-Autumn Festival

Appreciating the moon has been a custom since the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Not only the rich merchants and officials, but also the common citizens, liked appreciating the moon together at that time. The rich merchants and officials held big parties in their big courts. They drank and appreciated the bright moon. Music and dances were also indispensable. The common citizens just prayed to the moon for a good harvest.

Guangzhou Sculpture Park: More than Just Sculptures

The sculptures can be found littered all over the park, starting with some very grandiose obelisks at the main entrance, as well as the obligatory statues of historical figures. Some of the most interesting can be found down by the lake if you walk straight ahead from the main entrance. The pathway beside the lake showcases some typical Chinese scenes by a surreal artist who wonderfully captures the moment with very strange looking figures.

Hot Commodities: Tips for Booking Train Tickets in China

Let's face it: buying train tickets in China can be a big, migraine-inducing pain in the butt; thanks to the "ingenious" policy of giving everyone in the country simultaneous vacations, travelling during a national holiday means that you're literally competing with hundreds of millions of others for that tiny, pink piece of paper they call a train ticket. But securing your spot on a train doesn't necessarily mean camping outside a travel agency until the first batch of pre-sale tickets go on sale (usually 10-12 days before), or trying to suppress a bout of rage as every second person cuts you in line at the train station's ticket window. With a bit of tact, know-how and planning, your train ticket may just be a few clicks or phone calls away.

Bullet Train or Airplane: Which is the Best Value for Money?

This is a translated article original published on the Chinese web magazine With the upcoming opening of the high speed rail link between Beijing and Shanghai, many people have been discussing which is the better option for travelling between the two cities, the bullet train or the airplane? This article tries to give an answer through the comparison of a number of factors ranging from travel time to price and even level of comfort.

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