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Sexual Harassment in Guangzhou when rent apartment here

It must be said though that many tips from Chinese media range from the offensive to the absurd. Echoing the berating comments of a Shanghai subway official who in June claimed that scantily clad women invite sexual harassment, some sites and fliers tell women to not dress in a certain way. Admittedly, while it's best not to ride the subway with your underwear hanging out, greater surveillance and more public campaigns – both in busy areas and schools – would be more useful than telling women how to dress. The problem is not women's clothing, but the fact that so many men consciously sexually harass women and get away with it. Now those are two big problems that need addressing, not women's fashion.

Enjoy tea and snack when rent in guangzhou

A secluded paradise in the midst of an urban jungle, Tongqing Tang (同情堂) is an antique lover's dream. The high price tag (expect to drop several hundred RMB for a pot of tea) keeps out the riff-raff, making it ideal for small, intimate gatherings, with a VIP room for super high-rollers. Food here is also more expensive than your average restaurant, but word is the taste matches the price. Recommended: Pu'er (普洱) or Iron Goddess of Mercy (铁观音) tea.

Enjoy leisure life in Guangzhou apartments

In times long past, the river was the city's highway, bringing goods from afar and affording transport to citizens. Now, more than 10 bridges span its murky depths, and tunnels for cars and subway lines criss-cross under it. Today the river's significance is in the sights and services along its banks. The entirety of the river bank is paved and landscaped, and early mornings and late afternoons will find crowds of people out getting their exercise along the sides of the mighty Pearl River.

Must-see Art Zones around the Guangzhou apartments

A former textile machinery plant, T.I.T Creative Industry Zone has been fittingly reappropriated as a primarily clothing-themed creative space. Despite the laughable acronym that forms its name, T.I.T nonetheless delivers a serious historical atmosphere amidst a background of wild creativity and fashion. Careful not to get lost in the folds of its labyrinthine passageways; many times you'll think you've come to a dead end when in fact there is more just around the corner.

Guangzhou host the most wiched event in the hotel

Halloween tends to bring the weirdest fetishes and quirks out in people, and if getting soaked with foam happens to be one of them, then you're in luck! Wave Bar will be putting on a foam bash of epic proportions this Halloween. And those who dare to wear costumes despite being shot down with suds may win special prizes. Things will surely get very messy…

Dinghu shan is near the oldest apartment in guangzhou

From the main ticket window, take the sightseeing bus down to Baoding Yuan and walk about 10 minutes to Feiqian Bridge and Lingxu Bridge ; this is the starting point of the trail they call the "Primitive Valley Rainforest Experience" . Make your way to Tingtao Pavilion where you can stop and listen to the relaxing sounds of the forest. Follow the path to Xiangshui Pond and its thunderous waterfall, then on to Yulong Pool where you can stop and soak your feet before rounding out your trek at Qingyun Temple via Rongrui Stele Pavilion. The trail takes about three hours so pack some snacks.

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