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Houseing is the meaning of the marriage happiness in china

Many youths living in first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, said they were considering relocating to second and third-tier cities because of the high price of houses, according to the survey.

Low-salary apartments draw frauds in many cities

He said the bureau has evidence of cheating involving more than 20 households, which will face punishment.Regulations state that fraudulent applicants can be deprived of the right to apply for three years.But some fear the punishment is not enough to stop people from forging information in a bid to buy the houses for profit.

Insurance funds in China to be managed bysecurities houses

They also expressed their willingness to establish a more smooth communication andinformation sharing mechanism to strengthen the regulatory cooperation and promotethe healthy and stable development of capital markets.

Turkey opens part of real estate market toChinese nationals

The law marks the biggest opening in Turkey's real estate market to foreign investors,said former Vice President of the government's Privatization Administration, SuleymanYasar, adding that it is designed to make Turkey more accessible to foreign investmentand make Istanbul a global city.

How much you know about Chinese food

Here you need just one rule: be open to trying strange foods. China isn't famous for its manifold cuisine for nothing. Meals that are eaten every day by the Chinese are also well-suited to the western palate. Even Chinese people don't like to eat some stranger specialties.

Metro Explorations: Top 5 Sights of Guangzhou’s Metro Line 3

The Metro's Line 3 is an adventurous little underground route transporting passengers from north to south through the immense sprawl of Guangzhou. Recently extended all the way to the airport, Line 3 stops at popular Guangzhou sites like Changlong Resort, the Canton Tower, Baiyun Mountain and more.

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