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How to Hire a Local Maid (Ayi) to Take Care of Your Home and Children?

In general, if you stay in a two- or three-bedroom apartment, a part-time Ayi for two or three hours a day will suffice. However, if you have a villa or large house and have a family, one or two full-time Ayis will be necessary. Some people may even hire three -- one for cooking, one for cleaning and the other for children and pets. Those full-time Ayis will cost you 1,000 to 2,000 yuan a month, depending on their roles.

Guangzhou BRT Service Guide: Saving Residents Time, City Money

Scope of BRT Service GuangZhou’s BRT system runs from Xiayuan to the Tianhe Sports Center, extending 22.9 kilometers with 26 stations, which, from west and east, are the Tiyu Zhongxin (Tianhe Sports Center), Shipaiqiao, Gangding, Shida Jida (South China Normal University and Jinan University), Huajing Xincheng (Huajing New City), Shangshe, Xueyuan, Tangxiacun, Tangdong, Tianlang Mingju, Chebei, Dongpuzhen, Huangcun, Zhucun, Lianxi, Maogang, Zhujiangcun, Xiasha, Wuchong, Huangpu Keyunzhan (Huangpu Coach Terminal), Shuanggang, Shachong, Nanhaishenmiao (South Sea God Temple), Miaotou, Nanwan, and Xiayuan.

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl, is simply amazing! As a Special Administrative Region of China, it is one of the world's leading financial, banking and trading centers. Situated on the southeast coast of China, the city occupies an area of 1,104 square kilometers (about 426 square miles), and is made up of four parts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands.

To Carry Guangzhou Yang Cheng Tong Card:Save Time!Save Money!

Yang Cheng Tong, literally "Ram City Pass", is a form of electronic ticketing under the intellectual transportation system (ITS) used on public transports services such as buses, taxis, metro and ferries within Guangzhou. It is also accepted for payment at convenience stores including Circle K and 7-Eleven.

Hong Kong Attractions--Victoria Bay (Victoria Harbour)

Situated between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong, Victoria Bay is the largest harbour in China and the third largest in the world, after San Francisco in the United States and Re de Janeiro in Brazil. It is home to most of the ports of Hong Kong, making Hong Kong one of the world's busiest ports. The harbour bustles day and night with all manner of watercraft – from the historic Star Ferries to cruise liners, cargo ships, and wooden fishing vessels.

Hongkong Entertainment—follow us on Wanchai

Here, on the north end of Hong Kong, old buildings coexist with modern architectures. The old buildings remind us of the Hong Kong in the past, while the modern architecture shows us Hong Kong's journey to the 21st Century. Some favorite places for people to visit in Wanchai are: the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, the Museum, and Bauhinia Square.

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