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A better life in Guangzhou|Canton Local Resource Guide

How to get access to Internet:Best Internet Service Provider in GZ

China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) is an extra-large State-owned telecom operator in China, Global Partner of World Expo 2010 Shanghai, and was selected into the Top 500 Global Corporations for many consecutive years. China Telecom mainly provides the integrated information services including the fixed-line telephone, mobile service, Internet connection and applications services.

Guangzhou IFC Leading Guangzhou’s Business Future

Located in the heart of the CBD of Pearl River New City in Guangzhou, GZIFC is 432 meters tall with 103 floors, placing itself among the world’s 10 tallest buildings. The 1st to 66th floors of the building are international-standard grade-A offices with a leasing space of 174,000 square-meter. The space is tailored to provide tenants with an office environment with world-class design, advanced technology, high efficiency, safety, comfort and environmental friendliness. It aspires to attract world-renowned multinational corporations, regional headquarters of large domestic enterprises and fast-growing industries with healthy growth forecast, covering finance, insurance, consultancy and information sectors. Thanks to its premier location, stunning facade,

Top 6 China Famous Cities

Everybody knows that Beijing is the capital city of China. Beijing’s imperial attractions include the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace), the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace.,.Most Famous food is Peking duck. Beijing is still seen as the strongest bastion of "communism" in the world today, though Chinese economic policy is ever increasingly capitalist. The era of Mao Zedong’s communist policies is long gone, and while he is still worshipped by some as China’s great leader (Mao’s Mausoleum "mecca" stands by Tian’anmen Square), most have abandoned the ideals he stood for in favor of modernization and development. This typifies the Beijing of today.

Shenzhen Attraction

Shenzhen is a modern financial and commercial metropolis in China; however, it lacks the history and natural beauties which attract visitors to many of the other big cities in China. In recent years the city has compensated by developing excellent theme parks and man-made scenic spots. These modern facilities have succeeded in drawing in crowds of tourists, eager to check out the contemporary attractions.Window of the World, a theme-park near to Shenzhen Bay, is one of the highlights of Shenzhen. The park displays miniature versions of more than 130 world famous sites, from each of the five continents. Here you are able to

Shenzhen to reform tax on luxury housing

Shenzhen will conduct a tax reform on the purchase and ownership of luxury housing, according to the city’s urban planning, land and resources commission,The planned reform has been interpreted by the local housing industry as a signal for the implementation of a property tax, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported Thursday.

Salaries for expats in China

In recent years, China has emerged as a world economic powerhouse, and as it’s begun to expand the private sector of its economy, more and more expats are jumping at the opportunity to live and work in Shanghai, Beijing and in other thriving metropolises,Even amidst global recession, the Chinese market has remained buoyant, and thus especially attractive to those foreigners struggling to secure employment or advance their careers in their homeland. What’s more

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