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Dinghu shan is near the oldest apartment in guangzhou

From the main ticket window, take the sightseeing bus down to Baoding Yuan and walk about 10 minutes to Feiqian Bridge and Lingxu Bridge ; this is the starting point of the trail they call the "Primitive Valley Rainforest Experience" . Make your way to Tingtao Pavilion where you can stop and listen to the relaxing sounds of the forest. Follow the path to Xiangshui Pond and its thunderous waterfall, then on to Yulong Pool where you can stop and soak your feet before rounding out your trek at Qingyun Temple via Rongrui Stele Pavilion. The trail takes about three hours so pack some snacks.

First dog go out from the apartment in guangzhou to the MTR

Professor Fu's trip with Wonderful on the metro was the first time a Guide Dong has entered the city's underground railway. Guangzhou metro said passengers are welcome to use their Guide Dogs as long as they show their certificate of disability and all the dogs registration certificates.

Weiwu, Why Not? Touring Hakka “Earth Houses” in Meizhou

When you hear the phrase "Hakka architecture", probably one of the first things that comes to mind are those donut-shaped tulou (土楼) earth houses in Fujian's Yongding county that are famous for being mistakenly identified as missile silos by an American intelligence agent. Less well-known—and shamefully underrated—are the 20,000 or so Hakka weiwu (围屋) buildings in Guangdong's Meizhou countryside (梅州), which have got everything you could ever want in a Hakka home and more.

Universities in China

On the strong interest in education? Want to be preaching to the doubts? But do you know which is the best school of education in over-abundance of various Chinese universities? The most famous university is not necessarily best for you. We refer to the strength of the teaching, history and reputation, providing the following university ranking.

World Expo in Shanghai

The most distinguishable feature of the Swiss pavilion at the expo is its outside curtain, made from degradable soybeans and dye-sensitized solar cells that are capable of generating electricity. The curtain will present the image of a forest, which will remind people of nature. The curtain fiber automatically degrades in two weeks after disposal.

Xiamen Attractions

Located on the southeast coast of China, Xiamen enjoys a pleasant climate and beautiful natural environment. And the city claims to be a city in the sea and is renowned for its various scenic spots and cultural relics. There are mainly five or so tourist areas in Xiamen.

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