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City: Guangzhou
Property Name: 保利康桥BaoLiKangQiao
Property Type: Apartment
House Area: 260sqm
House Type: 5Br
Special Offer: RMB 25000
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Photos of the BaoLiKangQiao(保利康桥)
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Property Description & Location - BaoLiKangQiao(保利康桥)
Description: Facing the pearl river to the north, the project has excellent river view resources and views ersha island, a top luxury residential area in guangzhou.To the west is haiyin bridge, connecting guangzhou bridge to the main economic belt of the city, and the current traffic environment is better than the old city and tianhe area.In addition, due to the precipitation of historical population and the influence of sun yat-sen university, the whole neighborhood has a relatively noble living atmosphere.The project is adjacent to haiyin park in the west and riverside east green belt in the north, and the famous dongshan lake park in the north can be seen from the upstairs, which has the advantage of "three parks".
East side of haiyin park, binjiang east road, haizhu district, guangzhou
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