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Tips: three traps that you should be aware of
1.Be aware of the black intermediary.
Lots of intermediary companies have on their leaflets many houses cheap and nice. The moment you pick one and ask to check it, they will tell you that it has already been rented out. Actually they want to recommend you other houses more expensive and not so good. What is worse, they will charge 20rmb per time when you viewing it, or they won’t let you check the house unless you deposit in advance.
Hint: selecting some qualified intermediary companies and consulting with them about the rental.
2.Be aware of the house that is not eligible to rent.
Not all the houses are qualified to rent. So make sure that the rent house is an eligible one.
Hint: you should check the Property’s Ownership Certificate, both the green one and the yellow one. You should also ask the owner to provide the original Property Ownership Certificate and the ID card. If it is the intermediary company or the third party involved, you need to check the owner’s power of attorney.
3.Be aware of the unclear contract.
It is generally made clear on a legal lease contract the lawful rights between the lessor and the lessee. Once any improper use or accidental maintenance cost occurs, a piece of unclear will make you trapped.
Hint: signing a formal, clear and detailed contract.

Jimmy rented a house from a real estate brokerage company in Guangzhou.According to the contract: the lessee should make a deposit of 24000rmb in advance. The lease period is one year. The rent is 12000rmb per month. Make a payment every month. During the lease period, if the real estate brokerage company breaks the contract, it will compensate 2months rent to the lessee. If the lessee breaks the contract, his deposit will not be refunded. Four months later, the real estate brokerage company suddenly asked to terminate the contract, so the lessee required the real estate brokerage company to take the responsibility and compensate his loss. However, the real estate brokerage company refused.

First:False advertising trap .The most common fraud by the illegal intermediary is to make the false advertisement of the house rent on the newspaper, street leaflets or the Internet. Generally, they will offer you some houses very cheap with good location and condition. But actually these houses are only there to draw others’attention. Once you believe and show your willingness to live in, these illegal intermidaries will tell you that the house has been rented.then they will offer you some expensive houses which are in a bad condition to cheat you of your money. Suggestions:be aware of the false qoutes by acquainting with the market price in various ways.first, you can refer to the guiding price of house leasing issued by the national territory &housing administration department. Second, you can consult the legal intermidary company. Relatively, their rental system is more transparent .their staffs are professionally trained and are able to give a more accurate estimation of the rent. Third, learn from those who have house renting experience in order to know the rent level of the area they familiar with

Second:Arbitrary charges is said that arbitrary charge such as the house-checking fee,information fee, consulting fee, has always been the patent of the illegal intermidary.when the lessee ask an illegal intermediary to look for a house, they will claim soon it have suitable house available. However, you are not allow to check the house unless you make a large amount of deposit in case that you leave aside the intermediary.once the lessee ask to check the house with the staff, they will make the excuse that the owner cannot come, or they will show you some unacceptable houses .in a word, they will do anything but to return you deposit.
Suggestion:the best way to avoid the trap is to distinguish between the legal intermediary and the illegal ones.the illegal intermediary has something in common. First, they usually have simple facilities and single netwotk, their working place usually consisits of several tables and telephone. Second, they never refuse any request. Whatever houses you are looking for ,they tell you they are availble with very cheap price. Third.they usually ask you to make a deposit or pay a fee to check the house and claim that the money could be refunded if you are not satisfied.
Third:fake landlord trap.some cheaters may rent a house and pose as the landlord to transfer the house and he at last absconds with all the money. Lots of similar cases occur last year and cause great economic losses to the lessee.

Suggestion: first, you must check the owner’s Property Ownership Certificate and ID card when meeting with the owner. If he helps to lease his friend’s house, he must have his friend’s power of attorney, Property Ownership Certificate , ID card or the copy of ID card. If the Property Ownership Certificate is not ready yet, you must check the house Purchase Contract. Second, you have to watch your may ask several questions known only by the landlord so as to judge and distinguish between fiction and facts,or ask their relative work place provides certification to check owner’s real identity.
Fourth, free commission fee trap: Agency company claims that they won’t collect commission fee, while behind your back, they rise a lot for the rent, and get huge amount of agio.It seems that the tenant get the profit, but actuallyit’s the tenants lost at least 1000RMB or more.
Suggestion: Don’t readily believe the Advertising of “free of charge for commission fee”, don not with Petty psychological.” Bad goods are cheaper ,better goods are not cheaper”. To be compared with commision fee, the key is the agent company’s service and integrity. As for the agent company, the promises of ” True Properties”,”Real Landlords”,” no deal no charge and providing a series of after-sales service ,all of these is the real protection for the tenants.

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