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best place for home rentals 1.广州白云国际机场
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is located 28Kms to the North of Guangzhou City Center.It takes approximately 45minutes to drive from the airport expressway entrance to the city’s downtown area.
Linked to Guangshen Railway,Jingguang Railway and Guangsan Railway,Guangzhou Railway station is one of the major artery transportation hubs in China.The railway is made up of three sections.Just situated in northwestern Guangzhou,the main service of Guangzhou railway includes Jingguang Line,Guangmao Line.Guangzhou East Railway station, located in Tianhe district in eastern Guangzhou,largely serves the station that include Guangzhou Line,Jingjiu Line and Zhanglong Line.Guangzhou South Railway Station is built in Panyu,serves Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway.
        武广高铁客运新干线是京广客运专线的重要组成部分,于2009年12月26日正式运营,运营里程达1068.6公里,其设计时速为350公里,试运行时速达到394公里,设计时速居世界首位。通车后,武汉到广州行车时间将从目前的10.5小时缩短至3小时左右。武广高铁的开通,标志着我国全面进入高铁时代,实现了高速铁路的安全性,舒适性,先进性和节能性的目标,将给沿线区域的旅游发展到来深远的影响。best place for home rent
Wuhan-Guangzhou High Railway
Since first running its business in 26th December 2009,Wuguang High-Speed Railway has become the core part of Jingguang Railway Line.Its coverage is up to 1068.6KM approximately Reaching 350km per hour in trail operation.The train is expected to shorten the current travel time from 10.5hours to around 3hours and to mark the significant impact for China in achieving the target of establishing the safe,comfortable,advanced and energy-saving high-speed railway to boom the tourism development.


Long distance coaches depart everyday from Liuhua Station,Guangzhou Passenger Transport Station and Guangdong Coach Station.Destinations served include Guangxi,Hubei and Fujian,etc.

Taxi are charged according to the meter at RMB2.6 per kilometer plus an additional ”fuel surcharge” of RMB2 .The minimum flagfall is RMB7.

The city is served by buses with self-service for passengers.Fares are:RMB2 for air-conditioned buses,and RMB1 for non-air-conditioned buses.Passengers should prepare their change before catching a bus.

Guangzhou offers ferries to Hongkong in Nansha Pier and Lotus Hilll Pier,to Haikou in Dashatou Pier.The city also has several piers especially for night cruise along the Pearl River.



Canton Embroidery There are eight metro lines through the main area of Guangzhou with ticket prices ranging from RMB2 to RMB12.Operation time is 6:00am to 11:00pm daily..

★★★交通咨询电话 Traffic Inquiry Telephone ★★★

Inquiry Office Of Guangzhou Railway Station 86682043

Inquiry Office Of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 96060

Ticker Office Of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 86130088

Guangzhou Passenger Transport Station 86664259

Guangdong Coach Station 86661297

Lotus Hill Pier 84659906

More information 020-85568942 |020-12580 |020-114


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