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for rent apartments in guangzhou
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flat and rent in guangzhou
flat to rent in guangzhou
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best place for rent apartments
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best place for flat to rent in guangzhou
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best place for apartment  rent 1.上下九商业步行街
Shangxiajiu Pedestrain Shopping Street
Situated in the central area of Liwan (or Xiguan) district,this area consists of Shangiu Lu,Xiajiu Lu and Dishipu Lu. The street is notable for its unique Lingnan architectural style,Xiguan folk customs ,commercial and cultural am bience.
Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street
Located in Yuexiu District, the excavated "ancient path of thousand years" shows how commercial life in Guangzhou has evolved during the last 1,000 years. Now the city's CBD,it remains one of the busiest and most modern pedestrian streets in all of China.
        西关历来是广东甚至是南中国古董的集散地,位于龙津西路的“西关古玩城”,主要经营古旧陶瓷,名人字画,文房四宝,翡翠玉器等,是广州传统的玉器一条街。best place for rent apartments
Xiguan Jade Street
Xiguan hs long been the curiodestributing center of Guangdong province and southern China. Located in home to many shops selling ancient ceramics, calligraphy and paintings, as well as other treasures and artworks.

Hualin Crafts Street
Hualin Crafts Street is located in Hualin Street between Xiajiu Lu and Changshou Lu.With the front of Hualin Temple as its center,Hualin Jade Street is about 500-meters long and boasts over 1,000 shops selling all kinds of emeralds and jewelry.


Liuhua Grment Wholesale Fairs Aea
Located near Guangzhou Railway station,the area attracts lots of businessmen at home and abroad,especially Baima and Tianma garment wholesale centers.

Teem mall
Situated in the center of Tianhe District, this is a large-sized modern shopping center offering comprehensive store and restaurant choices for shopaholics.
China Plaza

Located over the metro at Martyrs' Park Station,this grand modern mall gathers all kinds of fashionable graments,ornaments and famous branded goods.
Grandview Mall
Right next foor to Teem Mall, this is the biggest multifunctional mall in China and is home to many delightful shops and other facilities.
Feature Handicrafts

Canton Embroidery is the term used to describe the aboriginal needleword of the Pearl River Delta. This handiwork is famous for its rich content, vivid patterns,clear threadword,bright colors,and delicate stitching.
Canton Enamel:Also known as Guangzhou Golden Colored Enamel,Canton Enamel has a history dating back to 300 years ago.It involves a typically Eastern technique whereby golden flowe pictures are painted noto the whole surface of the porcelain which is then glazed at low temperature.
Canton Carving:Canton carving represents both the carving techniques and products characteristic of Lingnan.The most famous carvinigs are in ivory, jade and wood.

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