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Furniture and building material wholesale markets in guangdong

1. Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center(LFC)

LFC is located in China`s furniture capital--ShunDe.It covers area of 120,000sq.m.With total construction area of 183,000sq.m.For the single construction area, the center is the biggest one in the world at present.LFC was founded in 2000 years. From now on, LFC had held the China (Lecong )International Furniture Fair six time Successfully, is provide a platform for Lecong furniture market joining the International furniture market. There are more than 400 famous brand furniture. sell different type furniture such as sofa,Bedroom suit furniture, Living room suit furniture, Office furniture and soon.
In a word, they have excellent design and best quality, the furniture can satisfy the need of people of different culture background, and different hobbie.The Louver EurAmerican Furniture Plaza is beside LFC. there are wholesale market including sofa, office furniture and others furniture style which
also are highlight of Lecong international furniture market.

By Bus: Go to Guangzhou Liu Hua Bus Station(流花汽车站)
7:30am-6:30pm every 20mins has one bus to Lecong
By Taxi. or Rent a Car About 300 RMB

2. Shunde Louvre Furnishing-Foshan Furniture

Shunde Louvre furnishings Co.,ltd (foshan furniture market)owns exhibition hall taking up 60.000 square meters which is equipped with 7-star hardware facilities covering global high-end furniture essence and is the largest self-run bazaar of high-end furniture in china.In particular,the louvre-casa,taking up 20.000 square meters and gathering together European top 10 luxury furniture and decoration brands,is the peak works in chinese and even global furniture industry.

Major exhibits:
• Chinese, Continental, American, Japanese-style
• Classical, Neo-classical, Modern classic furniture
• Furniture in living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, study rooms, offices and a series of products for children & youths
• Mahogany, solid wood, modern plate-typed, rattan, metal & glass furniture


3. Nanan road building materials market

At Nanan road in Liwan district you will find a large wholesale market for building materials, sanitary ware, wallpaper, ceramics, handles, doors, windows and related items. The market stretches for over one kilometer along the inner ring road and Nanan road.

To get there, you can take metro line 5 to Zhongshanba station. Exit D, walk along traffic to the large intersection and turn right there. You will within one hundred meters start to see the markets and stores on both sides of the inner ring road.

4.Kinhome Furniture

As the leading furniture brand in China, KinHom has achieved one miracle after another in the industry since its establishment 12 years ago, continuously creating new marketing practices for the industry. Since KinHom initiated the hypermarkethy·per·mar·ket
A very large commercial establishment that is a combination of a department store and a supermarket.

a huge self-service store [translation of French
..... Click the link for more information. model from its establishment, it opened 300 chain stores branded KimHom or Xiang Jiang Furniture in almost all the medium and big cities in the six zones of China. Now it's the real leader in the industry. KinHom achieved the several records in the history: the 1st furniture brand issuing promotional ads on the main-stream newspapers and magazines; the 1st furniture brand developing B2B(Business to Business) Refers to one business communicating with or selling to another. See B2B e-commerce, B2C and B2G.

B2B - business to business
..... Click the link for more information. and B2C(Business to Consumer) Refers to a business communicating with or selling to an individual rather than a company. See B2B.
..... Click the link for more information. models of e-business to play a pioneer role in the industry again. More information on KinHom Furniture Stores is available at
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