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apartments for rent in guangzhou
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rent flat in guangzhou
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flat for rent in guangzhou
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best place for rent apartments
rent flat in guangzhou
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flat for rent in guangzhou 食在广州
Guangzhou is a gastronomic metropolis and the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine.”Delicious food from Guangzhou”is a term known all over China. Cantonese cuisine has a long history and enjoys great worldwide fame as one of China’s four major cuisines.The area is also known for its Chaozhou and Dongjiang(or Hakka)cuisines.Guangzhou cuisines are all ultimately representative of Cantonese cuisine.These dishes collect the special favor of each place in Pearl River Delta and add the essence of famous cuisines from other provinces such as Beijing,Sichuan,Jiangsu,Shandong,Zhejiang, as well as western culinary techniques.Guangzhou is often called “food heaven”because its chefs pay such close attention to ingredients’original taste and flavor.This results in astonishingly clear,light,crisp and fresh-tasting dishes.Precise cooking times and heating control are every bit as important as the choice of ingredents used.Because of Cantonese cuisines,all styles of cooking co-exist in Guangzhou’s catering trade.Ultimately,there are now more than 3000catering enterprises dotted around the city’s streets and lanes.In addition to Cantonese cuisine,the choices on offer include major cooking styles from China,Japan,Korea,Southeast Asia,France,Italy and the Arab world..

best place for rent apartments

Hualin Crafts Street
Hualin Crafts Street is located in Hualin Street between Xiajiu Lu and


Boat Porridge
One of China’s favorite snacks,this characteristic rice soup comes from Liwan district of Guangzhou.The dish is also called “boat porridge”because it is sold on boats and its fresh taste is imbued with the spirit of the water villages of southern China.

Steamed Rice Rolls
In this dish,rice is spread across a multi-layered box or cloth to steam and then enhanced with meat,fish or shrimp.After re-steaming,the tasty rice is rolled into a long strip,snipped and served.

沙河粉是广州一种大众化的米制品,因此粉最早产于广州沙河镇而得名,已有百年多历史。沙河粉晶莹 ,爽,韧,软滑,富有特色,是著名的广东小吃。
Shahe Rice Noodles

This delicacy dates back to Shahe town hundreds of years ago.Crystal-clear and white,the famous snack tastes crisp and tough yet gentle .

Yum Cha
Those who go to Yum Cha love to chat and make friends without really caring about how much or little they eat! Ultimately,an attitude about enjoying life,Yum Cha is now popular among Chinese communities all over the world.

Zhujiang beer
Zhujiang is brewed in Guangzhou, in the South of China. The beer is named after the Pearl River, or Zhu Jiang,. The beer is brewed with water piped from a natural spring source direct to the brewery to guarantee the quality and freshness. The fresh spring water is then combined with Czech hops, German yeast, and Canadian Barley Malt.

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